Artist’s block hit me hard. I couldn’t think of anything to draw. So, I had to draw something I’d already been thinking about. This guy has nothing to do with Quantum Rip. He’s for a side project I’ve been thinking about. (and have drawn the first two or three pages for) The problem is, I have no idea how to finish the story I have for it. The premise is a semi-coherent amalgamation born of watching too much Ancient Aliens and Unsealed: Conspiracy/Alien Files. It drops my werewolf alter-ego kicking and screaming right into the middle of it.


Mister Anunnaki there, didn’t come out quite the way I originally envisioned him. I wanted him to have four fingers and two thumbs on each hand. But, every time I drew his hands, the two thick fingers between the thumbs just felt more natural. Fits better with those feet, anyway. I also would have preferred his head be more rounded. But, the inspiration all but demands an elongated skull.


This commentary is going to cause some weird search hits, I just know it….