Okay, so I was going to take a stab at that establishing shot I mentioned last week, and post up the resulting mess. But then! But then, Monday night I managed to give myself two blisters, one on the tip of my left thumb, and one on the side of right index finger, right about where it is in the picture. The real one’s not that big, thankfully. Since I can’t seem to resist a chance to make fun of myself, this picture was born.

Honestly, neither blister is really that sore. They’re really not much more than tender, right now. For the curious, I was reaming out some small diameter styrene tube to make some brass rod fit inside, for stands for small Star Trek models. I was using hand tools, because attempts for using even small power tools for this have resulted in melted tube, in the past. I found a better way to do it, before I was finished, but too late to save my poor fingers.