This entire page was inspired by the idea I had for the last panel. I redrew that picture of Angel three times, along with some extra tweaking, and I’m still not happy with it. I wanted her to look like she was in the middle of a hard turn, wildly weaving across the room. To me, she just looks like she’s tucked down in a three-point crouch. I’m continually frustrated by how static my action scenes are. This is a perfect example. The blue lead I do my sketches in doesn’t erase well, and I was starting to have a hard time telling what was what. Any further attempts, would have had to be drawn on a separate sheet of paper. But, I wanted to update again, before the end of summer.


So, anyway. I figure what they’re shooting at her are closed cell foam balls, with something like a bean bag load inside. Lets them carry inertia, without actually hurting, when they hit. And, they’re sized to be fired from paintball guns. I know nothing about paintball, so I mostly just ripped off how Doc Nickel, over at The Whiteboard draws paintball “markers.” Of course, both those panels came out like crap. Hopefully, I won’t get mauled by an angry polar bear.