My house is heated by a 60-year-old fuel oil furnace. At that age, they start to get a bit cantankerous. It decided to throw its yearly conniption, right when the weather dipped dangerously close to the single digits. (Fahrenheit) Did I mention that the windows are just as original as the furnace, and more than a little drafty?


Anyway, I got to help the resident expert in keeping the gorram thing running, with the filthy job of tearing into the bits that make it work. Apparently, when the igniter electrodes crack their ceramic insulators, it also breaks the conductor. Thankfully, we had spares. Took a little fiddling, to get things set just right, but an hour and a half later, we had heat again. This sort of set the mood for my night, so you get today’s filler.


Had a little trouble getting my alter-ego to come out right. Been too long since I’ve drawn him, I think.