I don’t know how she got somebody that big off the ground, like that. Sweet Jeebus, that guy’s going to feel that in the morning. So, yeah. 10 month time jump. I really didn’t want to detail every bit of Angel’s training. I don’t think people want to see that.


I know I’m still terrible about backgrounds. And, I wanted to be a little vague here, anyway. I’m putzing around with random shading around the characters, to break up all the empty space. I tried this first, last week, but it didn’t seem to scan. We’ll see if I keep with it. Extra fun; here’s our first solid evidence that Pantherine men in this universe wear kilts. I figure pants legs might cause some uncomfortable rubbing, with fur. It could all just be a thinly veiled excuse to draw the girls in skirts, but I’ll never admit to that. 😉


I’ve always said that Quantum Rip is not a furry comic. Pages like this kind of call that assertion into question….