Hush, now. Wait your turn.


The genesis of this picture is…. strange. It involved a short story idea I had that ended with a suicide. I hate downer endings, so I wanted to fix the end. I wound up with an alternate version of Angel showing up just after the nick of time, and still managing to save the day. In that story, she would have been turned the other way, and holding up her left arm. For purposes of the picture, I wanted her turned this way. Though she wasn’t the one in the story, over the course of drawing the picture she morphed into Lady Angelline, from the Overscape. There’s supposed to be wind disturbing her hair, skirt, and cloak. Not sure how well that one came out.


The story? It’s been neither written down, nor drawn. It feels all the feels, and I prefer good old-fashioned monster punching fun. Unless it demands that I put it into pictures or text, it will remain locked up in my mind, until it gets lonely and leaves.