I don’t know why decided to make the squad captain a lantern-jawed muscle head. I drew that face when I started drawing the first panel, and it had to stay. The power of The Jaw compelled me.


I haven’t decided yet if Dakota is considered to be some kind of ultimate bad ass, or if people just find her scary. Either way, best not to upset “her girl.” Weepy Angel (not to be confused with a weeping angel) is not going to be a permanent fixture. I hate it when characters are constantly having crisis. I’ve stopped watching TV shows, over that kind of crap. Once the “origin story” is out of the way, I mean for this to be a fun comic.


Things didn’t go so well, on the digital end. First time I tried to save the file, Paint Shop Pro decided to overwrite an old file, completely ignoring everything I was telling it do. Thankfully, it wasn’t a vitally important file, but I’m still not thrilled about it.


The third page of the Grey Project went up, the other day.