I tried to do a soft edge on the white for the characters, with the darker background. Then, I think I kept it a little too close to the lines, to really be affective. I won’t be doing it, again. It’s a weird mash-up of pencil and digital that I’m really not liking. I’m trying to get away from doing much digital work, anyway. I really need to get in the habit of drawing actual backgrounds. That way, I won’t have to try to darken up all that dead space.


Ranger Carew, there; AKA Bernie, is a friend’s character. She’s not a Pantherine. She was really messed up when the Travellers got her, and that’s what they were able to make of her. The last time we saw her, she was an incomplete shadow in a Traveller bio-reactor. I can’t imagine the pink fur is very good for sneaking around, but she seems to manage. It’s not dyed, by the way.


There’s more going on to Angel being upset, than just nearly getting shot, and seeing that guy die in front of her. But, those two things are certainly a good part of it. My scripts are always fluid things, but I do hope to explain what else about this upset her. As for her getting freaked out? I felt like she went directly to being too much of a bad ass, in the original comic. This time, I’m gonna make her level up.