Unplanned filler page. Sorry about that. I’ve been feeling tired the last couple of days, compounded by fighting with water heaters Sunday and Monday. Old one took forever to drain, I think all that silt blocking the drain was what killed the heater. New one was pretty painless to hook up, once we had it wrestled into place. Then, there as the eleventh hour run to the local home destruction center for extra parts we needed.


Anyway. On top of feeling tired, I started drawing the page with the wrong pencil. Fearing that that was a sign of how things were going to go, I opted to just draw a filler. This was the first thing that popped into my head. As fillers go, there are far worse choices. Besides, it’s been a while since I’ve drawn adult Angel. The title of the book she has is “Advanced Robotics: Theory and Practice.” That’s the kind of stuff she reads for fun. The little picture on the back of the book is supposed to be Dummy, from the Iron man movies.


I actually kind of like  this color shading technique. I was going to play around with it in the second chapter, but now, I may not wait that long. Decisions….