We did have a plumbing problem, which did seriously screw with my schedule. It was actually the opposite of that drawing. We lost almost all of our water pressure. Makes showering interesting, lemme tell ya. I live in the boondocks, where water comes from a well. Part of the system, is a pressure tank, picks up the slack, between turning on the water, and the pump in the well kicking in. Ours died, and was leaking. That was replaced, only to discover that the pump had burned out. Some super genius had put a 220 volt pump down the well, and wired it into a 110 volt circuit. Starving it of power, had caused it to work too hard, and burn up the motor. A new, 110 volt, pump was put in place, and all is right again. (except for the budget)


The second part of this page, is just me playing with a new toy. I backed the Boss Fight Studio, Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter a couple of years ago. There were some delays in getting these made, including Chinese new years, quality control revisions, and a QC problem with the Marauder Task Force figures, that are made at the same factory. (I backed that Kickstarter, too. I hope that doesn’t make this my fault) I was only able to get in for a single figure, so I went with Medusa. She is actually holding onto my custom Greyryder figure, with just her tail. That tail is made of a series of ball-and-socket joints, that have just the right tension to be easy to pose, but still tight enough to support the figure’s weight. I know it looks like the tail is wedged in between GR’s waist and scabbard, but that scabbard is a little floppy, in that position. It is absolutely not supporting Medusa. I have that scale TV camera, from an old G.I. Joe set, so I thought why not set it up knocked over in the foreground, and the picture to the filler.


I’ve got a few more pictures of those two in that same basic pose, with a few tweaks to arm positions, as I was trying to get one shot that showed both figures, well. One of those is on this same set, and the others are on my forest set. I’ll have those posted to my Deviant Art and my blog, sometime, tonight.


Those H.A.C.K.S. figures are currently up for pre-order, at the Boss Fight Shop. I should have a coral snake gorgon coming, soon.


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