Yeah, this is inspired by those Porsche Cayenne commercials. Maybe it’s just that I’ve never liked Porsche’s styling, (actually, when they make a car that doesn’t follow their usual styling, it looks pretty good) but I find the idea of them making a sport ute to be silly. Now, Lamborghini is making one, too. But Lamborghini is a tractor company that makes sports cars. So, it makes about as much sense As anything they do. The picture itself is silly, Angel doesn’t drive a monster mudder. She’s  got a crew cab dually, with a fifth wheel. Basically, she drives the truck that would be trailering the broken, or not street legal trail truck home.


I’ll be honest, this picture started falling apart, as soon as I started drawing the truck. It’s clearly sitting on a higher surface than Angel is standing on, the engine appears to have been crammed over into the driver’s side of the frame, and I have no idea where that panhard bar is going. The less said about that steering linkage, the better.


For the record, I don’t hate on Lambo. When I was a kid, the Countach was king. The Reventon and the Aventador are both lust on wheels. But, they are originally (and still) a tractor company. They started making cars, after Enzo Ferrari ticked off old man Lamborghini.