Well, I wanted to start the comic, this week. But, I kind of spaced on it. Sorry. Tear Still, I don’t want to force myself to start before I’m ready. But, I have been dragging this out for a few months, now. So, I’mma aim for next week. We’ll see what happens.


Anyway, this is Warlock, obviously. Nothing mounted on his hard points, but he’s got full stowage mounted. He’s a little small, for a pack animal. Only about three, 3½ feet tall. But, being a robot he won’t get tired. Still sorting out his head design. I don’t want a repeat of Angel’s Warhawk, where I changed the design almost every time it showed up. I like this one, but I’ll probably tweak the eyes, a bit.


I seriously thought about drawing a tribute to Harold Ramis. But, I don’t trust my skills to draw a face and make it look like a specific person without it coming across as a bad (or worse, mean-spirited) caricature. Normally, I don’t take much notice of celebrity deaths, I do loves me some Ghostbusters, and dammit, Egon is best ‘Buster. Too Sad And, he had a record of comedy movies that are actually funny. Most comedy movies these days just look stupid.