Took me a while to shade Angel’s outfit. Trying to walk that fine line between “black” and “not loosing all the details.” Then I got to fight with my tablet, apparently loosing its settings. Turned out to be the antiquated version of Paint Shop Pro I use not getting the memo that it’s still on the same monitor it’s always been on. Part of my troubleshooting involved closing out PSP, and restarting it. It came up on the wrong monitor. Doesn’t help that the tablet itself is slowly dying, and the latest driver for this model doesn’t always get along with Win7. Wacom isn’t as good about maintaining drivers for older tablets as they used to be.


Anyway. What you’re seeing is the beginning of something  I only recently decided to add to this chapter. I don’t know where the idea came from, but it seemed like a good fit, when it happened. It also gives me a mirror, for things that will be mentioned in Tails of the Outrider. Assuming I ever make more pages of that. I really need to update the side comics….