Part of the reason I’m taking my sweet time in starting the rebooted comic, is so I can recharge my creative batteries. This involves drawing whatever I feel like drawing, whether it’s relevant to the comic or not. This alternate version of Angel is one of those things. I just felt like drawing a human version of Angel from a more traditional fantasy setting. I did try to stay away from the usual lack of abdominal armor. Ironic, given her traditional outfit. I tried to giver her a balance between maneuverability and protection. I did try not to go overboard on her heels, but those have got to be boosting her up to at least 5’4″. (from her natural 5’2″)


I’m not happy with her face. I should have known better than to try to draw it slightly upturned. Vertical angles on faces screws me up, every time. I think her eyes are too high, among other problems.