I write the comic kind of organically. Dialogue often doesn’t get written until I’m drawing the page, and is often getting finalized in my mind, even as I’m typing it in. Nothing ever really gets written down. (this has led to my forgetting the “script” of one page, in the past.) The problem with this, is that I’m not always certain how I need to draw the page. This page was one. I almost wound up drawing a filler page. This is how you end up with odd, two panel pages, like this one. I’m trying to set up for the end of the chapter, and I just didn’t really know how I wanted to do it. I have no idea what next week’s page is going to be.


So, turns out that “glum” is one of those words that if you say it too many times, it starts to sound funny, like you just made it up or something. So strange….