So, for the last year or so, my thoughts have been preoccupied with a character named Gracelyn LeFanu. I’ve got a couple of short stories of her, on my Deviant Art. Neither story has any continuity with each other, and the version that’s been simmering on the back (and often front) burner of my brain is different, yet again. This version of Gracelyn is a teenager, and has a YouTube channel, where she plays guitar, and occasionally piano. She covered Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to my Nightmare,” complete with vocals, which she doesn’t usually do. After which, she convinced her sisters (she’s a triplet) to help her make a full-blown video of it. For the video, she created this character; the Ringmistress, of Nightmares. Making use of the fact that they all look alike, Gracelyn and Dannica traded off playing the Ringmistress, to pull off some of the shots. Two copies of the costume were made, for that reason. There’s probably more scenes with Danny in the costume, than Gracelyn. Extra fun; Danny’s one of those girls that hates to wear to wear skirts and dresses. That costume’s got two petticoats, and the over-skirt.


Gracelyn loves to wear the costume, but hates putting it on. It has inner and outer multi-layered petticoats, the over-skirt, a snug bodice, the neck trim, elbow length gloves, and the jacket. Plus, the makeup has to be put on, part way through.


I’m hoping to get the next chapter started, in the next week or so. I’m also hoping to not be rushing the pages, like I have been. I’ve been having trouble getting myself to do much of anything, including the comic. Part of it is because of issues in my own life (self-inflicted, I’m afraid) and part of it is due to Gracelyn occupying my thoughts.


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