Wasn’t sure how clear it was, what was happening in that fifth panel. So, you get an un-sound effect.


So, I procrastinated myself short on time again, wound up drawing more panels than I usually do, and still managed to finish the thing a little earlier than usual. Madness, I tell ya. Or maybe, it’s just the individual frames on this page are simple enough to make things go faster. Might be that I was able to work on it for more than a few minutes at time. Been having weird concentration issues, when it comes to working on the comic, lately. Yet, I can sit there and play Minecraft for over an hour at a stretch, then wonder where the time went. Most of this one got drawn while watching a marathon of a show on conspiracy theories. Finally had to shut it off, when it started making sense.


There’s no conspiracy, if you vote for Quantum Rip at Top Web Comics. But, it will make me feel better.