Werewolf magic is, of course, best magic.


So, some of my werewolves have an ability, they call Moving. If you look up “Flash Steps” on TV Tropes, you pretty much have the gist of it. They can momentarily accelerate themselves, too fast to be seen. Even some slow motion cameras have trouble tracking them. It’s easily mistaken as short-range teleportation. I’ve got certain limitations applied to this (tiring, passengers are crushed by the G-forces, etc) I decided a long time ago, that my werewolves can either Move, or partially shift. Each werewolf decides which one they want to learn. I’ve never been able to decide which one I wanted Grudge to be able to do. I’m not ruling out that he may have some limited ability to partially shift, as well. But for now, he’s a Mover.


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