I toyed around with a few ideas for how to depict the blackness of space. I wanted something that wouldn’t make a mess, hide the line work, or drive me mad. This seemed like a good compromise. I didn’t want an even edge for the black, so I went at with the smudge tool. It may get refined, but probably won’t change too much from this. Not much of a the comic will be taking place in space, anyway. Also, no stars visible, because daylight exposure. (Also, see the part about driving me mad. šŸ˜› )


This story is the result of me watching far too many shows about conspiracy theories. This draws from things I’ve seen on Ancient Aliens, Monsters and Mysteries, and various shows on UFOs. Those shows are truly a wellspring of silly ideas. Sadly, I’ve not been able to use them before, since they just don’t really work in the context of the Quantum Rip stories. I’ve always shied away from using my Greyryder character, because he’s such a Mary Sue. Now, I’ve got a chance to turn him loose on enemies who’s tech may be just as fantastical as his own.


Huh, “fantastical” really is a word. Learn something new every day….