Traveller silk is substantially stronger than Kevlar. It is effectively a lab grown, synthetic protein, nano-tube. When woven into a fabric, it begins to show non-Newtonian properties. This is more prevalent at higher strand counts. Woven into something resembling satin or silk, and it goes rigid if moved too fast. This allows for the creation of light, flexible, full sleeved bullet-proof jackets, that don’t restrict the wearer’s movements. A bullet-proof setup would be three to five layers of ballistic weave, and at least two layers of stiff weave.


Angel’s battledress is designed for flexibility, and long term comfort over fur. So, only two layers, so it stays breathable. She’ll become a ranger in the S.R.U. early on. As a ranger, she may have to live in her battledress for days at a time. It has to fit snugly, to prevent folds and wrinkles in the stiff weave from pinching or cutting when the fabric goes solid. It probably has some kind of overlapping/floating panel set up in the back, so she can bend over without getting a wedgie or cutting into the base of her tail.