Dakota will be a more important character, this time through. She will not be making magic objects left and right. I haven’t worked out the details of exactly how her magic works, but it will be limited, to prevent plot breaking every other page. It’ll probably be something that takes preparation to do. (I’m debating if the pouch that hangs on Angel’s belt is a “bag of holding” type deal that Dakota made.”


Her outfit is intentionally similar to Angel’s classic outfit. Dakota will be a big influence on Angel, in the new setting. The colors would be different, I’m leaning towards muted shades of green and yellow, if I ever color her. The top is meant to be a variation on a standardized piece, the SRU has available for its personnel. Angel replaces the right shoulder strap to buckle her scabbard to, Dakota goes with a halter style strap going across the back of her neck to keep things clear of her wings. This design for Dakota is inspired by a drawing I did of a friend’s character. I had an idea for some changes to that character, and liked the changes enough to roll them into a character of my own. The scales on her tail are a nod to that character, and I figure they most likely run all the way down her back. As for the three wings, I liked the alien feel the arrangement creates. It’s a nice otherworldly feel for a character that’s literally been to hell.


I haven’t decided yet what her swords are made of. The blades are absolutely not metallic. I might go with crystal, but I’m strongly leaning towards them being demonic energy. Either way, the blades vanish when the swords aren’t active. She probably brought them back from hell with her, having made them there.