Haven’t quite finalized the head design, but it should be pretty close to C. I’m just not quite happy with the eyes. Yes, there’s some Zoids influence in there, especially on that E head.


Hard points for mounting weapons, extra sensors, (rocket thrusters) things like that. The covers are removable. The stowage rails are to mount packs and satchels, as missions may require. Went with the Kevlar over the joints and parts of the limbs, to give it a little more of a real world look. Didn’t keep me from putting armor plates over the top of the neck. It’s still gotta look cool! I’ve got a bad habit of putting various fins and winglets on things, for no real reason. Decided to make them useful, as redundant antennas. Even if some of them get damaged, all functions remain.


Now, me being me, how much of this will remain unchanged as I start drawing it in the comic is anybody’s guess. *shrug*