I actually had something planned, for this week. I really did. This? This is not what I had planned. I’ve been back in the RC hobby lately, and was having a little trouble with it, last night. First, I broke a part for the “poor man’s light controller” I’ve been building, then some maintenance on my old Kyosho Blizzard that I’ve been running turned into a major tear down, and repair. A part held in place by a set screw had somehow shifted, on the hardened steel axle it’s attached to. The set screw gouged the axle, and the burr that raised made it hard to get the other part off. There’s an identical assembly on the other side of the chassis, and it appeared to have suffered similar, though much less severe damage. The burrs were filed down, everything was put back together, and the set screws were tightened, and double checked. The fact that this operation requires both sides of the chassis to be removed, and another linkage keeps both of them loosely attached to the main deck makes the job that much more frustrating. The whole ordeal took three or four hours. When I was done, I really didn’t feel like drawing much. So, I kept it simple, and smashed an RC in effigy.


I’m planning to begin chapter two before the end of February. I’m not really feeling any more creative than I was before, but I really don’t want to turn this into an art blog.