Plan C is apparently making your engines explode, before the missiles can murder you. From the school of “A bad plan is better than no plan.”


I tried several times to actually have “War Emergency Power” on the console. I got it to fit, once. But it looked ridiculous. None of those call outs should be that big, but I wanted them to be legible, in the page. Yes, that bracket for “Super Cruise” should probably go all the way up to the “Full” marking. Oops. I honestly did not expect the current sequence to go on as long as it is. I work kind of organically. I know roughly what I want to happen, what dialogue I want on a page, and the rest just sort of happens as it happens. That leads to things sometimes taking a bit longer than I initially think they will.


Yes, that is the moon.


I’d hoped to get this up a couple of days earlier. Sorry about that.