Quantum Rip is the amalgam of a lot of ideas mixing around in my brain. In the original version of the comic, I never successfully got most of those ideas worked in. Still, everything from parallel universes theory, to the works of H.R. Giger, to the Gene Splicers from the Rifts RPG have informed my ideas behind this comic. In recent years, I’ve been inspired by some of the crazy ideas to come out of Ancient Aliens. I find that to be one of the most imaginative shows on TV. 🙂


The world of Quantum Rip features the discovery of DNA altering aliens, with interdimensional technology, and what happens to the world when this can’t be kept from the public. The comic focuses on just a few of the people in the organization that deals with much of the alien technology; both what’s been secured, and what’s made it into the “wild.” All while trying to keep a lid on the supernatural world that doesn’t want to be kept a secret, anymore.