You might have noticed that the tip jar is back. I copied the code from the old page, so I hope it still works. I can’t create a new donate button, because PayPal is saying I have to be a non-profit. I know a lot of comics out there are ignoring that. But, I really don’t need to add any more potential sources of grief in my life. Which, leads me into what this post is about.





I have to find ways to monetize this page. I’m not expecting to make a living wage on it, but I have to be able to get something out of it. If I can’t, the comic will die. I might not even be able to keep the site online. The pittance I’m getting from the advertising barely manages to pay for three or four months hosting, per year. This is not because of the ad system I’m using. It’s because the page simply doesn’t demand that much in ad prices. Clearly, I need to step up my game. The chapter two prologue begins this week. I have plans for at least one side comic, hopefully two. One of those will be an alternate universe(s) setting. The other will be whatever I feel like making a comic of. That means no more comic on the main page. I’ll try to make sure that there’s something fun to look at, on this page. But it probably won’t be a comic. I’m actually not sure how ComicPress handles multiple comic sites. I just know it won’t let me keep one comic on the front page. It does mean that I’ll finally be able to shunt the old comic to its own archive, separate from the current comic. Wanting to have the current comic on the front page is why I haven’t split those up, yet.


I’m working on getting all the old desktop images up for sale. I don’t know how well the default PayPal store set up handles digital content delivery. Hopefully, I won’t have to e-mail the wallpapers to people. I don’t know about you, but I hate waiting for digital purchases. I’m completely out of my depth, but I have to figure it out, if the comic is to live.


I’ve never really known how to promote the site, which is part of why after 14+ years I still struggle to get more than low double-digit page views, most days. This is something else, I need to figure out.


There’s a lot of recent real world stress that has led to all of this. Right now, I’m hoping it doesn’t all end with me in a padded room.